Sunday 19th September 2021

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    • Check it out. What does the first plant on the Moon look like? Check-it-out-What-does-the-first-plant-on-the-Moon-look-like

      China’s Chang’e-4 probe successfully carried out its first biological experiment on the Moon’s far side, as the latest photo released by scientists at the Chongqing University on Tuesday showed that one of the cotton seeds, taken up to the Moon by the lunar exploration probe, has sprouted.  Aboard the lander of the Chang’e-4 spacecraft is a biological experiment payload, carrying six “passengers.”  Who are they? According to professor Xie Gengxin, chief designer of the biological experiment payload, the first “visitors” include seeds of potato, cotton, Arabidopsis, rapeseeds, as well as fruit flies pupae, and some yeast.  A micro-ecosystem in...