Monday 27th September 2021

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    • BMW and Tesla cut China prices after tariff drop on U.S. made cars BMW-and-Tesla-cut-China-prices-after-tariff-drop-on-U.S-made-cars1

      BMW announced on Saturday to cut the prices of its U.S. made X5, X6, X5M and X6M following China’s decision to suspend additional tariffs on U.S. made cars and auto parts. The price of its new BMW X5, which was just launched in early December, is slashed to 779,900 yuan, a decrease of 30,000 yuan.  And prices of the X6,X5M、X6M and the last generation of X5 have been adjusted down to just before China raised tariffs on U.S. made autos to 40 percent this July in retaliation to U.S. tariff hikes on the Chinese equivalents.  It is the second automaker...