Monday 10th May 2021

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  • Model Pritam and Abanti in the new advertisement of Benco Electronics

    Besides acting, Pritam Khan and Abanti Ahmed Rani are also busy making advertisements. They have recently created a new ad. Samsul Islam Lelin is on camera.
    They will be seen in the advertisement of TV, fridge, AC of Benco Electronics Industries BD Company under the direction of Cellis Razor. The pair are working as goodwill ambassadors for Benco Electronics Industries BD Company. They participated in this advertisement in its continuation.
    This is their first job after a long period of country lockdown due to the epidemic. They have completed the shooting in a house in Niketan of the capital. They will also do a number of music videos, dramas and advertisements for the upcoming Eid.
    Regarding the advertisement image, Pritam Khan said, “I have been appointed as the goodwill ambassador of this brand.” In the meantime, for the first time I have become a model in the advertisement of their product for this brand. The advertising team was good. I like the work.
    Model Abanti Ahmed Rani said, ‘I have made this advertisement with a lot of care. I have been getting a good response since the beginning of the campaign. I understand the response that is found if the work is good, through the ad. I am satisfied with the advertisement, the viewers also like it, that is what I like. ‘
    Regarding the new ad, producer Selim Reza said, ‘I went back to shooting with the advertisement of Benco Electronics Industries BD Company. I did the advertisement for their TV, fridge, AC. It will be broadcast on all satellite channels after Eid.
    He added, ‘A new company. They have brought some good products to the market. Good luck to the organization. I hope everyone will like the ad. Everyone here is working very sincerely as a model. ‘

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