Saturday 8th May 2021

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  • Global Confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) exceed 1.6 million


    Confirmed cases of COVID-19 exceeded 1.6 million globally, with the death toll surpassing 95,000, according to Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

    Here is what we know so far:

    The total number of cases on the Chinese mainland has reached 81,907, including 1,141 cases from abroad. A total of 1,097 asymptomatic patients are under medical observation. The death toll in China stands at 3,336 on the Chinese mainland, four in Hong Kong SAR and five in the Taiwan region.

    Wuhan lifted outbound travel restrictions on Wednesday after over two months of lockdown.

    UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved out of an intensive care unit.

    The IMF has projected negative per capita income growth in over 170 countries in 2020.

    In the U.S., over 16,400 deaths have been reported, according to statistics released by JHU.

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