Wednesday 4th August 2021

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  • Suppliers in various sectors resume production in China

    Suppliers in different industries have been rolling out plans to resume production in China, as the outbreak of novel coronavirus is gradually contained in the country.

    The epidemic has hit different sectors in China’s economy and people’s daily lives since it broke out in central China’s Wuhan City in December. After that, the Chinese government has taken a series of containment measures including extending the lunar New Year holiday in February, slapping travel curbs, urging people to stay home to reduce crowds and temporarily closing down businesses.

    Thanks to that, the outbreak is getting under control with positive signs emerging. The government is making efforts to support businesses and help people’s day-to-day life go back to some kind of normalcy to stabilize the country’s economic base.

    Major suppliers in China thus echoed with plans of resumption of work.

    Apple supplier Foxconn said it would resume normal production in China by the end of March and that more than half its seasonal workforce in the country had restarted work.

    Taiwan’s Foxconn, the world No. 1 contract manufacturer, said late last month that it was cautiously restarting production at its main plants in China, though expecting that the epidemic would take a toll on its revenue for the year.

    New Zealand supplier of dairy products Green Valley Distribution said Monday it is ready to restart operations in China.

    Mark Pulman, the company CEO, said: “We are making every effort to seize the production of New Zealand’s high-protein milk, giving priority to the supply of the Chinese market.”

    He also expressed an optimistic outlook regarding long-term consumption in the Chinese market.

    “We are working to strengthen farm management to address risk due to the impact of China’s reduced demand in the first quarter, but that does not affect our long-term expectation for the Chinese market, and now we are in New Zealand and notice that China is fully back in full employment to meet strong consumer demand.”

    China’s leading home appliance producer Haier Smart Home Co. has announced that all domestic factories had returned to work in full capacity as of February 25.

    The company said it has achieved an overall guarantee rate of over 90 percent on overseas orders during the outbreak, following its continuous efforts to maintain its global capacity.

    Aviation Industry of China (AVIC), a leading aviation manufacturer in China, is endeavoring to ensure deliveries of international projects, said the corporation Tuesday.

    To make sure deliveries arrive on time to global customers, all AVIC units with international projects have detailed production plans with rounds of evaluation to meet the changes in the epidemic and prevention requirements, AVIC said.

    The state-owned AVIC is China’s leading aviation manufacturer with diversified business lines ranging from military to civilian aircraft and other related products.

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