Wednesday 21st April 2021

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  • China strongly opposes to G7 countries’ interfering in HK affairs

    g7 franceChina on Tuesday expressed strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to a statement from the Group of Seven (G7) summit that referenced the current Hong Kong affairs.

    Geng Shuang, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, made the remarks one day after the group issued a short statement on topics including the Hong Kong affairs.

    China has reiterated that Hong Kong affairs are purely China’s internal affairs, which brook no interference by any foreign government or organization, Geng said.

    Geng pointed out that the violence in Hong Kong over the past two months has seriously influenced Hong Kong’s social order, economic activities and its international image. He urged the members of the G7 to stop meddling in Hong Kong affairs.

    “We will handle our own affairs”, Geng told the reporters.

    Regarding the Sino-British Joint Declaration, Geng reiterated that the aim of signing the declaration is to ensure China resumes the exercise of sovereignty over Hong Kong and administers Hong Kong based on the national Constitution and the Basic Law, warning foreign government and organization not to use the declaration as an excuse to interfere in Hong Kong affairs.

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