Monday 18th October 2021

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  • The army will take part in today’s match

    army-of-bangladesh-will-participate-today-gameThe army will go to the field on Monday, December 24, ahead of eleven parliamentary elections. They are in the field from yesterday to January 2.
    They will work on keeping the polling stations and polling booths free and preventing any untoward incident in the electoral areas.
    The members of the Armed Forces will work according to the ‘Instruction Rigging in Aid to the Civil Power’. They will stay at the junction of district / upazila / metropolitan area and at other convenient places. They will be able to take part in patrolling and other activities according to the need of coordination with the Returning Officer of the election.
    A body related to the issue of Public Safety Department issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs has stated that the task force in the Armed Forces has been asked – if the returning officer of the election is in need of help, they will be assisted by law enforcement agencies, including police, if there is a danger of law and order danger.
    As well as coordination with the returning officer, the members of the Armed Forces will be appointed in the upazila / thana as required.
    In view of the demand of the Returning Officer or Presiding Officer, the Armed Forces will carry out their duties in the polling station or in the maintenance of peace and order of the counting of votes.
    The army can not exercise judicial powers. Act as a striking force.
    If the Armed Forces are called to disperse any illegal assembly, they will work under Article 127 to 132 of Criminal Procedure Code. In this case, if the illegal assembly is not dispersed in any other way, the executive magistrate can instruct the military to apply and arrest the dispersal. Accordingly, they will take action accordingly.
    If it is not possible to contact a magistrate in emergency situations, then the commissioned officer can instruct the military to apply and arrest the dispersal.
    Regardless of the timing of any unpleasant incident, the magistrates are not required to give written instructions for the use of military force, but give it in writing in writing as soon as possible after giving verbal instructions.
    Meanwhile, the countrywide BGB has been deployed. They are working to protect the law and order.

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