Sunday 18th April 2021

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  • US will finance 15 thousand observers in eleven parliamentary elections

    The United States Embassy in Bangladesh will oversee the upcoming eleven parliamentary elections. US Ambassador to Bangladesh Earl Robert Miller said the 15,000 observers will fund the country.

    Calling for everyone to avoid violence in front of the upcoming election, he said that the United States does not support any political party or candidate. We support the democratic process and values.

    He told reporters after a courtesy call with Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) KM Nurul Huda on Tuesday afternoon at Agargaon Election Bhaban.

    Expecting the peaceful conduct of all the people in the election, he said: Everyone, whether a political party or not, should behave peacefully. Everyone should stay away from violence. Because violence prevents democracy. Those who do not believe in democracy, violence only fulfills their purpose.

    Robert Miller said, we said that all parties have the opportunity to freely participate in elections and get the opportunity to do politics. They get a chance to campaign and rally peaceful elections. Let the media, the oppositions, express their opinion.

    The United States ambassador said that 10 million people will participate in eleven parliamentary elections (voters). We are all looking at this election. The United States encourages the Government of Bangladesh to make a free and fair election.

    He also said that the National Democratic Institute (NDI) will assist the monitoring team in the United States elections. A five-member pre-assessment team was sent in October to the NDA. Later in December, another such group was sent. NDI partner ‘The Asian Network for Free Iconization’ They have deployed two international election specialists and will also send short-term and long-term election observers.

    The US Embassy will appoint a separate supervisory team across the country. In collaboration with the United Kingdom and Switzerland, the United States will fund 15 thousand local observers during the election phase. Who will work on the Election Working Group (EWOG).

    The parliamentary elections will be held on December 30. Meanwhile, the symbol allocation ended. In the election, 1,841 of the 41 rival candidates started the campaign.

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