Wednesday 4th August 2021

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  • Skilled and genuine politician needs to be a Member of Parliament

    skilled-and-geneuine-politician1 December, Bangladesh-The eleventh parliamentary elections will be held on December 30. The participation of all parties in this election has been confirmed. Meanwhile, political parties have also finalized their candidates. Again many teams are in the process of finalization.

    On Friday (November 30th), the talks with Japan Awami League General Secretary Engineer Jasim Uddin

    He said, I want good and beautiful elections. When a selective environment is created, people will be able to exercise their right to vote. As a candidate, must be his honesty, skill, ability to become a real education and a real politician. My expectations are that these are the ones who are elected in the next parliament. If a honest and devoted person is elected a Member of Parliament, the country will go a long way and reflect the aspiration of the people of the country.

    He said, the ruling party Awami League will face the contest in this year’s election. Because the contrary opponents and their supporters will be in a strict position and do not allow the voting centers to become fraudulent. This is my wish that all elections will be held peacefully throughout the country.

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