Wednesday 21st April 2021

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    72 Nov Bangladesh-“It is just as human beings, life is for life”, so there are some helpless people in our society who stand beside those of some rich and charitable people of our society. One or more people can get back to the financial support of a new way of life. He can get back lost happiness from his life. He can go all the days of pain in his life.

    Chandpur’s Kachua Upazila 8, a resident of Ward no 8 of Kadla Union, a person named Siddikur Rahman (68) survives on a risky life, but he does not have the house he needs to stay. He lives in a cottage house. Only 2/3 people in the house It is difficult to stay in the house, 8/9 of his family live in that house. He is the sole earning member of the family. Physical condition is also not good for him. So he can not earn money by doing work in the field. He has survived some local newspapers and people in charity and his family life. She has 5 daughters. Many girls have got married to big daughters to get their hands to different people. Two daughters are eligible for marriage, but they can not get married even after being suitable without having a house. Siddiqur.

    Siddiqur Rahman said, I can not do any such work in the age group. My condition is deteriorating day by day. I have no son. 5 My family is with my daughter and wife. I have been living some time in some financial and financial collaboration with some local Newspaper and journalists of Chandpur. But life is very difficult due to my lack of house. I can not afford the money by making money, how can I make the house? I have a house for everyone in the society. We wish financially for cooperation.

    Siddiqur Rahman asked for financial help to the rich and charitable people of the society to live with their children and wifes in a beautiful and relaxed way.

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