Thursday 6th May 2021

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  • There is no limit to the happiness of Bonde in the other room at the roaming bar at another place

    In Chandpur’s Kachua upazila, there are temporarily chaos under the open sky in different areas of the country. Manabera live-in. Sunamganj thana of Sylhet district and around 35 families of Tikurur of Manikchhari district Kachua municipality 3 Ward Sahab Ali Building and Chandpur Polytechnic Institute is staying next 15 days. They will stay in the same place for another 10/15 days. Though there is happiness in traveling from one place to another, there is no happiness in the people of the crowd They travel around the country in the wilderness in different regions of the country. Their barren children, including the people of Ba’day, are being deprived of basic rights such as education, medical, housing. There is no settlement but they are still citizens of Bangladesh. Their birth in Bangladesh. But the practice of traveling from one end of the country to the other is from ancestral formula, and in the same way, the residents of Kachua municipality and the upazila, temporarily build a residence in polythene campus. For the passage of the country, in the remote areas of the country, in different spaces, on the road side, or at the foot of the bridge, the residence is built. But many people did not leave the paternal work, but they were able to buy land and settle for permanent land.
    “There is no limit to the happiness of Bonde in the other room at the roaming bar in one place.” Although there is happiness in traveling, they are not really happy. The only occupation is to travel to different places of the country. Likewise, their very famous city is Kachua upazila of Chandpur district. Often they can be seen in different areas of Kachura. In the abandoned place of polythene, the sunshine, the rain, the rain in the storm, their life amount. This does not save the future of future generations, that is, their children also suffer from disease and inhumanity, how they are living through neglected deprivation.
    Children who are living with their family and living with helplessness There is no education, many social elements of social structure including social values. Unhealthy environment, their lives in various different problems Although there is a dream of being human like a man, despite the fact that there is no institutional education due to roaming in different areas, the children of the children of Bainde are not able to receive any education. From the small to the parents are involved in various tasks. Children are not able to study due to inadequacy of family, lack of financial inadequacy, unethical social system, in the hands of ancestral profession. Again there are opposite reactions in many. Where there is neither the ability to eat two nights of rice, Panta furra, and there is a lot of reading back there. The disturbance of social and moral values ​​is seen among the children far away from the education light. Child abuse is involved in the abuse of various social crimes Bindera basically takes days to eat. In the village where the people live, their livelihoods in rural areas are used by the people of the blind prejudices. Everyone, including women, men and children, engage in various activities. Anyone walking around the village shows a snake game, someone sells a variety of diseases, someone who finds lost things in the water (dive). The women of the village are seen to be suffering from various known and unknown diseases, including the singing for pain in the village. The children of Bondeard are fishermen for snakes. The birds admit to the clutches. They are also engaged in various activities with parents.
    Bedes want to read their children and make people like humans. In the civilization of this civilization, touch the mood of modernization. So, along with the government and other social organizations, all the people of the society should come forward with them. This is the demand and the hope is that the people of the crowded people.

    Md. Mohsin Hossain, Bangladesh:

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