Monday 19th April 2021

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  • Various rallies and discussion meetings of kachua Nirbor Blood donor organization

    Bangladesh-A grand rally and discussion meeting on the occasion of the blood donor-2012, held at the auditorium of Kachua municipality at Kachua municipality auditorium on Friday (November 2) at the initiative of the Kachua Nirbor blood donor organization, Chandpur.
    After the completion of the rally, from the Kachua Bisworod Square to the municipality’s auditorium after the main road of the municipality, and after the main road, the meeting was held in the meeting.

    Chairman of Kachua Abdul Hye Foundation Dr Abdul Hai spoke as the chief guest on the occasion of the chairmanship of President Abdul Kader Palash, and President of the Lighting Mosque of Alor Mosque Abu Sayem Mridha.

    Speaking on the occasion, Kachua Press Club President Rakibul Hassan, former President of Kachua Press Club, Priyotosh Poddar, President of Chandpur Blood Konica, Sayem Sihab, President of Chandpur Jibanwip, Vinay Bhishan Majumder, President of Rangdhanu Blood Drivers Khairul Islam spoke.

    Among others, Chandpur blood clerk, treasurer of Bangladesh Mitu Saha, general secretary of the dependent Nirbor blood donor organization Mazharul Islam, organizing secretary MA Sefayet Hossain.

    All the members of the Nirbor blood donor organization, journalists, staff of different hospitals and leaders of the ruling party were also present.

    by Mohsin Hossain

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