Sunday 18th April 2021

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  • I can not survive in the struggle of life and the magistrates

    I can not survive in the struggle of life and the magistrates bangladesh

    Photo: Hoker Siddiqur Rahman’s house.

    The residents of Ward No. 8 of Kadla union under Kachua upazila under Chandpur
    district, hawker Siddiqur Rahman often lives in a small cottage house with 5 girls
    and wife struggling with life.

    Siddiqur Rahman said – I have given a big daughter to the marriage, and the rest of
    the girls are writing in the school. I am getting very difficult to collect their
    care. I can not live in the life struggle.

    It can be seen in Sarojamin that- the situation of hawkers should be very much, that
    the house where there is a maximum of 4 people, it is very difficult to sit with the
    house of Siddiqur Rahman, wife and his five daughters. Sheddikur Rahman’s room
    filled with water when there was little rain. Any time the pond of the house can
    fall into the house of Hoker Siddiqik Paneku. When there was a slight rain-rain, the
    room was falling into the water.

    66-year-old Siddiqur Rahman worked hard to break the bones in the struggle for life,
    and he is now becoming very weak at the age of age. To reach the needs of five
    daughters and children, he has to work hard to come to the end of his life and to
    run the family. Because there is no strength in his body, For the last few years,
    local daily and national daily magazines published from Chandpur were forced to
    work. Earnings, which are sold in the area cut the cost of children’s education, and
    many are struggling to support his family.

    Hakkar Siddiqur Rahman told the journalists that at present I am not able to get an
    adult allowance even though I am 66 years old. I can not enjoy any government
    benefits and benefits.
    I have heard that Awami League government is now in development. If a government or
    a wealthy person builds me a house, then I can survive the remaining life of my wife
    and children.

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