Wednesday 4th August 2021

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  • One step -against smoking in NBU campus

    anti smoking campign nbu campus indiaOne step : against smoking in NBU campus” was organized by group of students of mass communication of North Bengal university in the university premises to promote no-smoking. The initiative was taken to keep the campus smoke-free.
    The campaign was initiated by Sharbani Mondal, Suprava Chakraborty, Nilanjana Kundu, Apu Roy, MD Hasim. The campaign started from 11 am onwards. The students visited the arts block which includes department of Political science, department of History, department of Sociology, department of English, department of Philosophy, department of Bengali, department of Commerce, department of Hindi to orient the students by delivering a speech on not smoking within the campus. They also distributed leaflets and took written feedbacks from the students and professors.
    The second part of the campaign was a rally which started from the department of mass communication. In the rally they pasted posters in five main zones of the university campus including the Law More. The rally was accompanied by all the students of mass communication.
    The head of the department of mass communication department Sri Subhrajyoti Kundu said ” the initiative taken by the students are really appreciable, I believe that the campus shall be a smoke free place in days to come.”
    The leading group of students said that ” It was not possible without the cooperation and amicable help of Subhrajyoti Sir and Deepika ma’am” and also added that they are hopeful that their “One step ” campaign will create a positive impact.

    anti smoking campign nbu campus india

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