Monday 19th April 2021

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  • Tiger Zinda Hai movie review: Meet ‘Rambo’ Salman Khan and ‘Wonder Woman’ Katrina Kaif in a fast and furious land


    Filmmaker Ali Abbas Zafar returns to the silver screen after Sultan and it only gets bigger and better with ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’. The film is a sequel to 2012 blockbuster hit Ek Tha Tiger which was helmed by Kabir Khan. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif reprise their roles of Tiger and Zoya respectively in the film and this time their family has a new member—a cute looking son, called Junior.

    There’s a lot happening in the world right now, as we all know and fighting terrorism remains the top priority of the world powers. The screenplay moves with a plot of how ISC establishes a stronghold in Syria and bombs the city to the core.

    In that bid, 25 nurses from India and 15 from Pakistan are taken hostages by ISC chief Abu Usman, played by a fierce looking Sajjad Delfrooz on screen. The villainous streak in the character of Usman will make you feel the chills.

    The mission calls RAW agent Tiger back in action and what makes you think he will not perform his duty. So, as expected  Tiger fights a pack of ferocious wolves along with Junior and what we get is sheer Bollywood masala entertainment.

    Soon, the plot moves and Girish Karnad aka Shenoy sir decides to bring back the best India has—Tiger to execute the mission of safely rescuing the nurses and getting them back to the country. But remember only 25 Indian nurses, yes it does highlight how the system works.

    In no time, Tiger gets on with the mission in an all gung-ho spirit but with his own team of trusted people. Enter Angad Bedi, classic actor Kumud Mishra, who never forgets to recite Hanuman Chalisa, and another young find who plays Azaan in the film.

    The film is a fast-paced actioner with so much happening every minute and by the time it ends you will probably be eating your own hands. Zoya too has a mission and with her own men (Sudeep as Zahir from Pakistan’s ISI, along with another one) march ahead.

    To end the common enemy, if two powers join hands, achieving peace would be easier. And this is what RAW and ISI agents decide to do. They join hands to kill Abu Usman and rescue the nurses from his clutches.

    The background music by Julius Packiam adds so much more to the action scenes. It has a thumping effect and surely deserves a special mention. The entire film is bound by strong action direction by renowned Hollywood stunt master Tom Struthers, who has made both Salman and Katrina kick some butt and how!

    Besides Salman and Katrina’s crackling chemistry that makes you feel the love around them, it is the hardcore adrenaline pumping action scenes featuring the lead pair that makes Tiger Zinda Hai come alive. You get to see ‘Ramboish’ Salman Khan and a Lara Croft Katrina Kaif in the film which seriously makes you feel the thrill.

    And to add a little comic relief, there’s veteran actor Paresh Rawal, whose act will leave you in splits.

    To all Salman Khan fans, ‘Bhai Ke Biceps Dekhe’ will actually be the talk of the town soon as he shows off his drooling washboard abs and Katrina’s kickass action is totally jaw-dropping.

    Watch this Bollywood masala potboiler only because ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’!

    (Ratings: 3.5/5 stars)

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