Wednesday 21st April 2021

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  • Bigg Boss 11: Not Shilpa Shinde but Vikas Gupta was the ‘mastermind’ behind Hiten Tejwani’s shocking eviction—Watch

    New Delhi: The controversial reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11′ is getting interesting by the day and the fans can’ be happier. For all those who follow the show, know by now that last week’s eviction of Hiten Tejwani was by far the most shocking one across all seasons.

    Also, because it was the housemates who voted him out. While Vikas Gupta, Puneesh Sharma, Arshi Khan were on Hiten’s side; Shilpa Shinde, Hina Khan, Luv Tyagi and Akash Dadlani took Priyank Sharma’s name and he got saved.

    What shocked the viewers was Shilpa saving Priyank instead of Hiten, who never really had any issues with her. However, the telly actress had her own reasons citing Hiten is a strong contender and at this point in the game, I want to go ahead.

    This did not go down too well with the fans and social media saw a flood of tweets and memes on why Shilpa saved Priyank and voted Hiten out. But after days of this shocker comes another blow to the so-called friendships inside the house.

    A recent viral video which was not telecasted but is available on Voot shows Hina Khan making the big revelation about Hiten’s eviction. She can be seen telling Puneesh that Vikas was the real reason behind Hiten’s eviction. She says that Vikas told Priyank that he took Hiten’s name because he knew that Akash would never follow suit and would always save Priyank. So that means Hiten would automatically get evicted.

    Watch the video here:



    Now, we can see Shilpa standing at the dressing area while this conversation is going on behind her back between Hina and Puneesh yet she doesn’t take part in it. What really happened still looks like a curious case of eviction plotting.

    But after hearing this, we can safely say that Vikas is not called ‘mastermind’ by inmates for nothing!

    Keep reading this space for all regular updates on ‘Bigg Boss 11’.

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