Monday 19th April 2021

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  • Assembly election 2017 results: PM Modi thanks Gujarat and Himachal voters, says India now votes only for ‘vikas’

    narendra-modi-thanks-peoples-of-gujrat-n-himanchalAfter spearheading the campaign in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh to culminate in victory, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that he was elated with the mandate given by the people of both the states.

    Addressing BJP workers at BJP headquarter in the national capital, PM Modi said that people have “voted for politics of development, and rejected the divisive politics by the opposition parties”.

    He also used the opportunity to assert that people have accepted economic reforms like Goods and Services Tax (GST), which were “used by opposition in every election”. “Even during civic polls in Uttar Pradesh, it was said that the BJP will be decimated because of GST. Before Gujarat elections also, such rumours were circulated. Even I Maharashtra they had said the same…but we have got unprecedented response in elections one after another,” said Modi.

    PM Modi hit out at the Congress party, saying people would not tolerate those who make fun of ‘vikaas’.

    “There were attacks from all corners, Congress party was just visible on the ground but there were several forces behind them, wanting to topple us once in Gujarat, but ultimately they failed,” said Modi.

    The Prime Minister added that “some people tried to play several games but you did not let them succeed”. “We need to move ahead on the mantra of unity and ensure that such forces do not succeed,” he said.

    Pointing that the BJP has ensured one victory after another “only on the basis of development”, PM Modi asserted that Gujarat has endorsed the economic policies of the BJP government.

    “Personally for me, Gujarat victory is a cause of double happiness. Usually, people forget a person who has moved out of the state after being in power for long. But I am happy that even after leaving Gujarat three years back, BJP workers have handled the state very well,” he added.

    “My friends did not leave any stone unturned to ensure development of Gujarat…I thank and congratulate BJP workers in Gujarat from my heart,” said Modi.

    Talking about the victory in Himachal Pradesh, the Prime Minister said that “the verdict shows that if you don’t work on development and are busy with things that are wrong, people will throw you out of power after five years”.

    “People of Himachal Pradesh gave a positive vote for development. I thank people of Gujarat and Himachal with folded hands that they chose the path of development,” said Modi, adding, “In this competitive global era, if India has to move ahead, it will have to reach new heights of development”.

    The Prime Minister also thanked and congratulated BJP chief Amit Shah, who said that the “vikas yatra of BJP won’t stop here, and will go on to Meghalaya, Mizoram and Tripura”.

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