Sunday 18th April 2021

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  • Anil Kapoor ‘ready’ to act in street plays

    anil-kapoor-readyMumbai: National Award-winning actor Anil Kapoor says artists should experiment with mediums and so, he is even willing to act in a street play.

    He has been a movie star for almost 40 years. After making his TV debut with ’24’, he will now host the season premiere of the British motoring series ‘The Grand Tour’ for Amazon Video.

    Asked what made him do a show on the digital platform, Anil told IANS, “We have to change with time and medium. As an artist, I want to reach out to and connect with people. I am ready to act in a street play if people will gather to watch the story.”

    “Yes, the film has always been my medium but whether it is television or web series, any popular medium that gives me the opportunity to tell a great story or to be a part of a huge show, I will surely explore that,” he added.

    His association with Amazon started a long time ago.

    “My journey started from the time when Amazon was launched in India. Earlier, we shot a pilot for them but it did not work out. However, I am excited about this show because firstly, I am a fan of ‘The Grand Tour’. This is one of the biggest shows of the world. When they offered me to host the show, I was more than happy,” he said.

    Emphasising on the digitisation of our country and how Amazon is bringing a change in our lifestyle, Anil said, “I think it is not only we, the urban people, but also worldwide. The consumption of digital content has increased and we know where the entertainment industry is heading. Even our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is trying to make our country as digital as possible.”

    “I am not saying because I am hosting an Amazon show but I think I am a fan of Jeff Bezos’s (founder of idea. It is a revolution. From shopping to watching films, the language of business and our daily lifestyle has changed with Amazon.”

    “Whether it is e-commerce market or the growing economy of our country, the young entrepreneurs are taking the center stage. There should not be any doubt about the fact that digital is the future in every industry,” he said.

    The actor, also a producer, is known for his performance in films like ‘Mashaal’, ‘Tezaab’, ‘1942: A Love Story’, ‘Taal’, ‘Pukar’, ‘Gandhi, My Father’, ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, ‘Welcome’, ‘No Entry’ and ‘Biwi No 1’.

    Clearly, his choice of films shows how well he manages to balance between commercial and parallel cinema.

    “The only thing that I believe is, don’t focus on commerce. It follows sooner or later if the work is good. If the work has quality, you will earn everything – money and respect,” he said.

    Recalling his first experience of shooting digitally, Anil said” “Remember the shooting of  ‘Who Wants to Be a Millionaire’ sequence of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, that was the first time I experienced shooting in digital camera.”

    “The film was not used then and I was so amazed to see the result. That way I think it is transforming into a digital industry. In films, we are not using films anymore to shoot. But yes, there are some directors who still love to shoot in film, like Christopher Nolan.”

    The actor is also excited about his upcoming film ‘Fanne Khan’.

    “It is a musical comedy with a series of drama in it. It’s a fun story and it has more elements than just comedy.

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