Thursday 6th May 2021

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  • Sony expands noise cancellation headphone line-up in India

    sony india

    New Delhi: With its aim to provide the best audio experience, Sony India on Friday expanded its noise cancellation line-up with the launch of four new wireless headphones starting from Rs 14,990.

    The line-up includes “WH-1000XM2”, “WH-H900N”, “WF-1000X” and “WI-1000X” at Rs 29,990, Rs 18,990, Rs 14,990 and Rs 21,990 respectively.

    “WH-1000XM2” and “WI-1000X” headphones are equipped with personal and atmospheric pressure optimizing features that adjust to the user`s listening style and give an immersive hearing experience, a company official told reporters here.

    “WH-1000XM2, “WF-1000X” and WI-1000X” come with Sony`s integrated technology called “SENSE ENGINE” that will offer a personalised experience for every sound, including music and ambient sound, has been customised for individual needs.

    Taking about battery life, “WH-1000XM2” is said to last 40 hours with an audio cable or 30 hours wirelessly.

    The “Quick Charge” function pumps in 70 minutes of battery life in 10 minutes of charging. WF-1000X” comes with a charging case for up to nine hours of usage.

    “WH-1000XM2” and “WH-H900N” feature “Quick Attention Mode” which offers a smart way to control listening experience on the go.

    Sony also unveiled a companion app called “Headphones Connect App” to let users fine-tune music. The headphones will retail at all Sony Centers and electronics stores in the country.

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