Wednesday 21st April 2021

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  • Recruitment as the Chief Reporter of Himalayan Times News Agency

    27 November  Bangalore, Journalist Mohsin Hossain is officially appointed as editor in Himalayan Times-News Agency by Rajendra Dhakal-(Assistant Director of Himalayan Times News Agency)

    In addition, Mohsin Hossain is associated with national and local news papers in Bangladesh.
    He is the organizer of the Swachhnilakantha Sangitrik Parishad Kachua Upazila Branch, member Kachua Press Club, senior teacher Kachua Shahid Memorial Government Girls’ High School, and many social and cultural organizations.

    Recruiting as the Chief Reporter of Bangladesh, Md Mohsin Hossain, Chief Editor, Editor, Joint Secretary and the Chief of the Himalayan Times, expressed his gratitude to all concerned.

    He can serve the best news so that he would pray for everyone’s cooperation and


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