Monday 18th October 2021

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  • Motorcyclist caught speeding at 278km/h in Sharjah

    motorcyclist caught speed 278km per hour in sarjhaSharjah-A radar in Sharjah caught a motorcyclist speeding at 278km/h, police said on Wednesday.

    Major Mohammad Al Shehi, head of detectives and traffic control at Sharjah Police, said the speeding violation caught by the radar was the highest speed detected in the recent times.

    The speedster was caught on a major road in Sharjah, where the speed limit is 120km/h.

    He was driving along Sharjah Ring Road, which starts from Sahara Centre then turn toward Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road and ends at the entrance of Ajman in Wasit Road near Road and Transport department  office.

    Police summoned the reckless driver and impounded his motorcycle.

    Major Al Shehi said Sharjah Police are working hard to reduce the risk posed by road users to others by driving at high speed.

    He said that despite police warnings about the dangers of speeding, drivers repeat the violations and endanger lives.

    “Speeding fines go up to Dh3,000 along with 23 black points and impoundment of the vehicle for 60 days in case the driver exceeds the speed limit by more than 80km/h,” he said.

    Police said that many motorists don’t realise the dangers of speeding. Scientific studies have proved that the force of impact of a collision when driving at 220km/h is physically equivalent to a fall from the 60th floor, 200km/h is equivalent to a fall from the 50th floor and 140km/h is equivalent to a fall from the 30th floor, which significantly increase the rate of death during collision at such speeds.

    He said the police have doubled their efforts to reduce accidents by launching a safety campaign during the year.

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