Monday 18th October 2021

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  • Zimbabwe latest: Mugabe makes first public appearance

    Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe has made his first public appearance since the country’s army took over on Wednesday.

    He attended a graduation ceremony in the capital, Harare.

    Mr Mugabe had been under house arrest for days. The army made its move after a power struggle over his successor.

    The military said on Friday it was “engaging” with Mr Mugabe and would advise the public on the outcome of talks “as soon as possible”.


    Mr Mugabe was cheered by the crowd at the graduation ceremony after he spoke, a witness quoted by Reuters news agency says.

    He joined the crowd in singing the national anthem and walking slowly up a red carpet.

    Neither his wife, Grace Mugabe, nor Education Minister Jonathan Moyo were present.

    His attendance at the graduation is an annual tradition but few expected to see him there after he was put under house arrest, the BBC’s Andrew Harding reports from Zimbabwe.

    The army took control after Mr Mugabe last week sacked Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, signalling that he favoured Grace Mugabe to take over his Zanu-PF party and the presidency.

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