Monday 19th April 2021

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  • Delhi, you’re killing me

    8 November New Delhi (India)- Bringing back terrifying memories of last November’s apocalyptic smog, Delhi awoke to find itself shrouded in a toxic grey haze on Tuesday . Air quality fell to “severe” levels, worse than post Diwali pollution in the city .

    Roads wore a dystopian look with pollution masks everywhere as Delhiites complained of headaches, burning eyes, breathing discomfort, runny noses and a depressive mood. The Indian Medical Association described it as a “public health emergency”.

    The city’s air quality index (AQI) touched 448, as per CPCB, worse than the 403 reading Delhi had recorded a day after Diwali. On November 5 last year, the AQI was 485, with extremely poor visibility that meteorologists had described as a “smoke haze”. Delhiites had hoped they would never have to see such extreme smog again. But on Tuesday , at least 15 air quality stations were again in “severe” category .

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