Thursday 6th May 2021

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  • Africa gradually embracing tech to promote good governance [Hi-Tech]

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    25 October Africa-African countries are gradually utilizing technology to promote good governance. The latest example is the mobile app launched in Zimbabwe to keep citizens informed and allow scrutiny of parliament’s work.

    The southern African country started with the launch of a website a year ago and then the iOS, Android and Windows app last week.

    The app gives anyone access to parliamentary Acts and Bills, Publications, parliamentary events, live parliamentary recordings and a live blog for the latest news from the House.

    The documents can be downloaded directly from the app which tech enthusiasts say needs a little tweaking to work perfectly.

    There is a similar initiative in Ghana called Odekro which also provides the public online access to Bills, Motions, and Parliamentary debates.

    Odekro is a web-based parliamentary monitoring site launched since 2012. It is yet to be developed into an app.

    The platform has gained popularity through its interactive social media pages which were very active especially during the general elections in December 2016.

    Slowly, citizens of African countries are getting involved in governance with the ability to scrutinize parliamentary proceedings and their elected representatives.

    However, these are isolated cases and the continent has a long way to go.

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