Monday 19th April 2021

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  • Gang war: 2 killings within 3 hours rock city

    gang war24 October NEW DELHI: A 34-year-old history-sheeter was shot a dozen times by four armed men on two bikes in northeast Delhi’s Brahmpuri at 10.30pm on Sunday. He died on the spot.

    Police had barely moved away from the crime scene when they had to rush to a similar incident that took place around 2.5 kilometres away. Around 1.30am, the same bikers shot a 23-year-old man 16 times outside his house in Bhajanpura and escaped towards UP border.

    The two incidents have been vividly captured by around 20 CCTV cameras installed by police in the area through which all shooters have been identified.

    A source confirmed that the two incidents are related and the same shooters are involved. The prime shooters have been identified as Rashid and Mumtaz. They belong to Chhenu gang that has been active in the area since years.

    One of the conspirators, Imran, was apprehended late on Monday while a dozen teams are raiding various places to nab the shooters.

    Wajid, the man killed in Brahmpuri, was a property dealer and had 18 criminal cases lodged against him. The other victim, Aarif, was preparing for competitive exams, his family said. However, police said he was a member of a rival gang led by Nasir. Cops will take custody of Nasir and Chhenu — who are in jail — to unravel the conspiracy.

    In the first incident, Wajid and his friend Fayaz were walking back home from a market around 10.15pm when the killers intercepted them near lane number 10 in Brahmpuri. Sensing danger, the duo ran towards an adjacent lane but the bikers caught up with them. After cornering them in lane number 7, the killers started firing indiscriminately.

    While Wajid was the apparent target, Fayaz also got shot. He received four bullet injuries and has been admitted at GTB hospital. Locals soon gathered and called the cops, who took the two victims to hospital. Forensic teams have inspected the spot and experts have picked up around 40 empty shells, police said.

    The other shooting was reported at 1.30am from Vijay Park in Bhajanpura. The victim, Aarif, was sleeping when he received a call from an unknown number and stepped outside the house. As soon as came out of the main gate, he was cornered by two men on a bike who shot at him.

    As he ran for cover, Aarif was waylaid by another set of bikers who fired close to two dozen rounds at him. Around 16 bullets hit Aarif killing him on the spot. The bikers then sped away in the dark after firing a few shots in the air.

    Locals in both the areas initially mistook the shooting as bursting of crackers. “The firing went on for 3-4 minutes. It seemed that the men were firing with automatic weapons,” said Mohammad Rafiq, a RWA member in Brahmpuri.

    Residents of Bhajanpura said they couldn’t help due to the heavy firing by the killers. “I ran outside to help after hearing my cousin’s cries, but had to stop midway as the bikers were firing indiscriminately,” said Mohammad Amjad, Aarif’s cousin.

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