Saturday 8th May 2021

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  • Tech pundit Scoble faces harassment claims

    22 October USA-Renowned tech consultant and commentator Robert Scoble has apologised after multiple accusations of inappropriate behaviour towards women.

    In a post on Medium, journalist Quinn Norton accused Mr Scoble of groping her body at a technology conference in the early 2010s.

    Another woman, former colleague Michelle Greer, also said Mr Scoble made unwanted advances, touching her leg during a conference in February 2010.

    On Facebook, Mr Scoble said: “I know that apologies are not enough and that they don’t erase the wrongs of the past or the present.”

    He became a well-known figure in the technology business while working at Microsoft during the 2000s, where he wrote a blog discussing the latest technology. From here he moved on to other firms such as Fast Company, cloud provider RackSpace, and most recently UploadVR.

    UploadVR was sued earlier this year for gender discrimination – the case was settled out of court in September.


    As well as his consulting work, Mr Scoble regularly appears as a guest on media outlets, including BBC News.

    In his message on Facebook, Mr Scoble referenced his issues with alcoholism.

    “I have made many steps in my life to try to improve, including getting sober more than two years ago,” he wrote.

    “I have committed to making amends where appropriate and to living a life of transparency, integrity, and honesty.

    “I’m deeply sorry to the people I’ve caused pain to. I know I have behaved in ways that were inappropriate.”

    However, several women have since accused the 52-year-old of unacceptable behaviour after the point when he publicly announced he was giving up alcohol.

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