Tuesday 15th June 2021

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  • This highly nutritious food is good for digestion and weight loss

    healthy food nutritious for weight loss4 October -Rice has always been the primary food. But, the idea of healthy eating is now pushing it back. People are now opting for better food options for consumption. Even though, there are many options to pick, most of them are now going for millets.

    Millets are highly nutritious and can help us fight many health problems. It is the best substitute for rice and is not heavy or stomach filling as well. Sujatha Stephen, chief dietitian at Yashoda Hospitals tells us some benefits of eating  millets.

    Improves immunity
    Millets provide great amount of micro-nutrients like calcium, thiamin and magnesium to the body. These micro-nutrients are quite essential to the body and they also help in supporting the immune system. Apart from this, they avoid invisible deficiencies to crop in the body.

    Live longer
    Eating millets increases the longevity. As they are high in both soluble and insoluble fibre, it helps in better digestion. The soluble fibre helps in fighting acidity and also reduces cholesterol. While, the insoluble fibre will reduce the bowel related problems like constipation and other issues. Millets work great for a weak digestive system.

    Losing weight
    It is not just exercise that is needed to cut down the extra kilos. One should also eat the right kind of food. It is advisable to go for millets as they have high satiety index. So, even if you eat a handful of them you will feel full. And if you repeat this routine then, you will definitely lose weight. This way you will be consuming less calories as well.

    No hunger pangs 
    It is common that one would feel hungry at regular intervals. But, if you eat millets it will keep you full for a longer time. They are made up of complex carbohydrates which takes time to digest. So, you will not feel hungry for a long time which automatically cuts down on snacking. The amount of food you consume also comes down due to this.

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