Sunday 18th April 2021

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  • The 39th Puja Mandap at Kachua is held in the Durga Puja

    13 September Bangladesh-Only 13 days after the Hindu festival, the biggest religious festival of the devotees of Durga worshiped. The artist has been busy working for the idol at the moment. On 19th September, the Goddess Durga will come from Paradise to Martholom through the Mahalaya. On 26th September, Durga Duj will be started for 5 days by the sixth Pooja through Bhavana. Pujari and Goddess Fans of Goddess
    Mother are sacrificing more affection for giving birth to Mother Goddess Durga. This year the goddess will arrive in the boat and go to the mare. In the past, there have been preparatory meetings with the president and general secretary of Puja Udjapan Parishad, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian Unity Council and 39 Puja Mandap of Hindu Mahajote Upazila. These Puja Mandap are being held in 7 Puja Mandap in Kachua Municipality, 7 in Puja Manda in Sakhar Union No. 1, 3 in Puja Manda in Vitara union, 4 in Saheedbpur (East) Union, 4 Puja Mandap, 5 in Sahdebpur (West) union, 1st, 6th North Kachua Union 3 Puja Mandap, 7th South Kachua Union, 3 Puja
    Mandap, 8th Kadal Union 1 Puja Mandap, 9th Kariya Union 2, 10th Gohot North Union 3th In Dhanmondi, 11th Goat South Union, 1 Puja Manda, the 12th Ashrafulpur Union’s 4 Puja Mandi, upcoming Dharadian Dhula Puja is going to be held.
    The worship of Sri Sri Sharadian Durga Temple of Kwa Poddar, adjacent to the oldest Kawa Upazila Parishad, is being held in 138 times this year. Upazila Puja Udjapan Parishad President Foni Bhushan Tapu Majumdar /
    General Secretary Bikash Chandra Saha said that the construction of the idol is almost done in the last phase. Durga Puja is being held in 39 worship centers in Kachua this year, all preparations have been completed.
    The leaders wish for all administrative and political cooperation to successfully complete this festival.
    Upazila Nirbahi Officer Nilima Afroz said all the security measures have been taken by the administration to perform this religious festival in proper religious status and on September 14, at 11pm on Thursday, the president and secretary of 39 Puja Mandap of the upazila and a meeting of Hindu leaders convened in the Kochua Upazila Parishad Hall. . Puja period index -26th September Mahajan, 27th September, Maha Satmi, 28 September, Maha
    Satmani, 29 September will be concluded by the great grandfather, September 30, Vijaya Dashami.

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