Wednesday 21st April 2021

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  • Due to torrential rain in torrential rain, fear of premature flood People are upset

    11 September Bangladesh-Due to heavy rain in Kachua, there is a possibility of premature flood. People have been disrupted almost. For the last two or three days due to heavy rains, the normal life journey with business commute has become stagnant. If the rain continues, then the flood situation will be terrible. Some ponds and rush fish have gone out. Makhas
    farmers used to spend thousands of rupees for the maintenance of their fishes. Its extinction in the lower part of Kakura is noticeable. Road mishaps have become ineligible due to heavy rains. Somehow, the hut is submerged in the water somewhere. The traffic on the Kachua-Patha road is being interrupted. Road to Kachua Hajiganj road Kachua-Blackchurch Bridge is not inaccessible. Kachua-Nawabpur road Kachua Karshi West para part is full of ditch, if this part of the road has been repaired a few days ago. Road to Ragdehal Road from Sachar Bazar. The Kachua-Kainail road is not being repaired for long time, due to its non-existence of its existence. The streets and gates of the lighthouse of the Kachua municipality are ineligible and unable to move. The school-going students and the businessmen and pedestrians coming from different areas are facing endless sufferings. Kachua Dakbangalo – Upazila Parishad has become ineligible for the road and movement. And some parts of the road are submerged in hats. The main structure of the road was broken in heavy rain due to lack of guide wall on different roads of the upazila including Kawa Chandpur-Baliyatoli Road.

    It is to be noted that in the last several days, incessant heavy rains, the breakdown road is also facing huge losses. They should be killed on the ditch. If there is no fast repairs and renovation of the road, there will be adverse impact on the economy of Kachura.

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