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  • Sunday 21st October 2018

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  • Cheapest and Best Cloud Hosting in World
    • China is winning electric cars ‘arms race’

      China is outmaneuvering the U.S. and other countries in the global scramble for a vital element for electric cars. As demand for the vehicles surges, Chinese companies have been doing deals around the world to secure supplies of lithium, a silvery-white metal mined from rocks in Australia and brine pools in South America. China is the top market for electric and hybrid cars, accounting for roughly half of global sales, and the government is pushing the development of the industry within its borders. That calls for a lot of lithium, a key component of the vehicles’ batteries. “Whoever controls the...

    • Nissan launches longer-range electric car

      Nissan has launched a longer-range version of its best-selling Leaf electric vehicle, as it fights growing competition in the electric car market. The new Leaf can travel about 50% further on a single charge than its predecessor, according to the firm. However, it still falls short of the ranges offered by Tesla and GM’s top-end electric cars. Other updates include advances in autonomous driving technology and a more modern design. The Leaf, the world’s best-selling electric car, is facing increasing competition in the fast-developing green car market, fuelled in part by tightening emissions standards around the world. What’s new?...