Tuesday 7th April 2020

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  • Glass bridge opens to visitors in south China’s Guangdong


    A 218-meter-long glass bridge in Baojing Palace of Yingde, a county-level city in south China’s Guangdong Province, opened to tourists on January 16. It is the first glass bridge in the province that is built over karst landscapes and a swan lake.

    Baojing Palace, meaning the palace of treasures and crystals in Chinese, is one of the oldest tourist attractions open to the public in Guangdong with a history of 35 years. It is renowned for its breathtaking scenery of karst caves that attract millions.

    Glass-bridge-opens-to-visitors-in-south-China's-Guangdong-1   The Glass Bridge in Baojing of the Yingde city,Gaugdong province,South China


    The Glass Slide and Swan lake in Baojing of the Yingde city,Gaugdong province,South China


    Views Of The the Glass Bridge in Baojing of the Yingde city,Gaugdong province,South China

    In 2018, Baojing Palace invested 60 million yuan (about 8.88 million U.S. dollars) on five construction projects including the glass bridge, a bungee jumping site, a sightseeing glass lift, and such facilities as a cableway and glass slide. 

    With a height of 88 meters and width of 2.4 meters, the glass bridge offers visitors spectacular views of karst landscapes and turquoise lake.

    Glass-bridge-opens-to-visitors-in-south-China's-Guangdong-4                          The Bungee jumping Site in Baojing Palace of the Yingde

    Glass-bridge-opens-to-visitors-in-south-China's-Guangdong-5        A Tourist Goes Bungee Jumping in Baojing Palace of the Yingde

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