Thursday 20th June 2019

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  • UN chief calls for unity in New Year’s message


    UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday said the United Nations will continue to bring people together to build bridges and create space for solutions in 2019.

    In his New Year message, the UN chief said the world is undergoing a stress test, as climate change is running fast, geo-political divisions are deepening, inequality is growing, and record numbers of people are moving in search of safety and protection.

    Despite such challenges, Guterres said there are also reasons for hope, highlighting the progress made on Yemen talks, Ethiopia and Eritrea tensions, South Sudan conflict, and the Paris Agreement implementation.

    “As we begin this New Year, let’s resolve to confront threats, defend human dignity and build a better future together,” said the secretary-general.

    “When international cooperation works, the world wins,” he said.

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